Rent this house for your ski vacation

Ski Vacation Rental

We are renting our Ski house near Okemo on a short-term basis for winter weekend vacations…..
A little background on our rental situation is due…
We had been trying to sell the house, and our agent kept telling us offers should be coming in, but they never did. We have young kids, and jobs have gotten busy, so we were trying to rent for the season… several posts on this site hint at trying to rent the house for the season.

But, we were late to market to find seasonal renters, nothing materialized, so we have gone back to short term rentals.

We have an account and a page on because of their traffic, contact and calendar functionality.
This is our page:

Talk to you soon

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Our VT Ski House-Front Porch

More Pics of Our Ski House in Vermont

The front porch faces South, so it can get warm enough on a sunny day to enjoy in the late afternoon on a winter day.

Okemo Ski House Front Porch

Okemo Ski House Front Porch

Granted, when the temperature is in the single digits, it may be too chilly to really relax and watch the sun set.

The view is actually of the back side of Okemo Mountain….  No ski trails are visible, as this side is not part of the resort.

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VT Ski House Kitchen

Kitchen Pictures

VT Ski House kitchen

The view from the kitchen tableThe kitche

The well water at our house is the best tasting water I’ve had in my life…. Just thought I’d mention that.

Since we took this pic, we replaced the dishwasher.  I had that same model in our family home in Brooklyn 40 years ago.  This one finally had a part give out that couldn’t be replaced.  That’s one appliance that’s not made nearly the way it used to be……

There is an assortment of cast iron pots and pans, a couple of stainless and aluminum…. in the closets next to to double oven and under the stove top.

Another View of the Kitchen in our Ski House

Another View of the Kitchen in our Ski House

Here’s another view.  You do have to watch you don’t hit your head on the range hood when you’re cooking.  I manage to do it every other meal I cook..

The kitchen work area is very functional.  Sure, I’d love to have updated the floor already, but it’s on the project list.

Vermont Ski House kitchen table

This is the kitchen table area in our ski house.

Both the picture above and to the right were taken from nearly the same exact spot.  The photo above is looking to the right of that “same exact spot” and the photo to the right is what you see looking to the left of that “same exact spot.” Since this photo was taken, I’ve changed the light fixture which is now a small chandelier.

Another view of the Kitchen table

Another view of the Kitchen table

Here’s another view of the kitchen table area.

As you can see, the kitchen area is large and functional.

Thanks for continuing to look at the pictures of our ski house in Mount Holly.  Please pass them on

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Thanks!  Remember you can contact us through the craigslist ad in the first post on this site, or email us at thehitchingpost1 AT yahoo.

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Ski House in Mount Holly VT-more pictures

Vermont Ski House Living Room Pictures

Vermont Ski House Wood Stove

What's a VT ski house without a wood stove?

Although it doesn’t have glass doors, the wood stove provides plenty of ambiance as it gets the house toasty.  We provide the firewood…

If you want to enable DSL for high speed access, Vermont Tel’s router is on the table to the left of the stove.

Vermont Ski House pullout couch and comfy chair

Pullout couch and comfy chair...

Since this photo was taken, we changed the television and added a compact but surprisingly great-sounding home theater system.  Although not a flat screen, the current TV is a 32″ Sony Trinitron and has a great picture.  The home theater system comes with an iPod dock.  DirecTV is the only choice in the area, and several digital music channels come with their standard package.   The DirecTV system connects to the home theater system so the music channels sound great.

Vermont Ski House Living Room view of daybed

Vermont Ski House Living Room view of daybed

Here’s another view of the daybed in the corner.  The picture above was taken from the daybed.  I’m just trying to give a perspective on the space of the living room.

Next post I’ll add kitchen photos.

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Vermont Ski House Pictures-Outside

This is a view of the house from across the street.

Ski House for rent in Mount Holly VT

Ski House for Rent in Mount Holly VT-summer view

It turns out, ironically, that I don’t have or can’t find a winter picture of the house after we had the exterior painted…. so here’s what it looks like in the summer:

The driveway is “circular,” and turns right in front of the garage door.  This helps if you tow snowmobile trailers for riding the VAST trails.

Vermont Ski House before paint job-winter view

Vermont Ski House before paint job-winter view

To prove it snows….

Notice you won’t need four wheel drive to get in and out of the driveway.  One advantage to not being way off the beaten path is that the road is plowed as it snows.

If you look to the right of the garage, you can see the original hitching post rock standing upright.  At one time this house served as the Mount Holly Post Office.  This explains the antique lamp post that has confounded every attempt I’ve made to remove it.

Vermont Ski House two acre yard

Vermont Ski House two acre yard-gentle slope good for kids' sledding

Conditions permitting, the yard has a gentle slope that works just fine for sledding for kids.   A neighbor feeds cattle with the hay, and that’s his farm machine in the foreground.

Work is once again too crazy for us to think about using the house this year, so we’re offering it for rent for the season.  Email me at thehitchingpost1 at yahoo dot com so we can trade phone numbers to talk about terms.  I’ll have the Contact form operational in another day or so as well.

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